About (LSF) London Steel Fabrication Ltd

With more than 15 years of experience in the profession, LSF never backs down from a steel fabrication challenge. Prioritising the requirements and specifications of our clients, we expertly craft a range of products for use in architecture, design, and commercial settings in London and the surrounding area.

For dependable products, turn to our experienced metal craftsmen. Our skilled team provides metal components including staircases, fire exits, doors, gates, railings, and shutters alongside robust structural steel. Designed for domestic and commercial purposes, our services include design drawings, delivery, and installations.

What's more, we offer galvanised, powder-coated, and sand-blasted paint alongside standard rust protection. With truly competitive pricing, we create steel of an unparalleled standard. Plus, we strive to beat any quotation you've received. Most of the steel jobs we carry out may be delivered within 48 hours.

Marvellous Metal

At LSF, we specialise in the production of all architectural metal. That means we're equipped to provide a vast variety of metal components while supervising your entire project. Simply send us your plans and drawings and our knowledgeable team will take care of the rest.

Adapting Our Services

From supply to installation, our deft team have the practice required to fulfil any fabrication order. That's why clients with projects of all kinds frequently rely on our reputable work. Because the items we produce are tailored to our customer's requirements, everything we produce is truly unsurpassable in quality. What's more, we work to beat any given price or quotation in order to ensure the value you receive is impeccable. With free surveys and quotations available by request, we do everything possible to make our work convenient and affordable.

Fully Compliant Products

The products our longstanding company produces are produced to CE Mark standards. Fully completed by our capable team, these items are designed to be maintained to the UK's CE Standard.

Gate off Your Property

A wide variety of metal gates are fabricated by our competent company. Whether you require a gate for your driveway, side entrance, or a rear gate for access to your property, we'll work swiftly and skilfully to deliver a product that meets your expectations.

Reliable Railing

we're able to produce any kind of railing you may require. Ideal for domestic and commercial applications, our quality work covers a variety of designs depending on your preferences. A plethora of options are available to choose from, as well as examples of our previous work.

Building Balustrades

Perfect for clients with balconies, our balustrades are a beautiful means of enhancing the safety of your property. A number of designs are available to select from.

Practical Fire Escapes

The fire exits we produce feature galvanised, black powder coats. Internal spiral staircases are available alongside floor-to-floor fire exits. The external staircases we produce are available depending on your requirements and requests. Handrails, boasting a variety of striking architectural designs, are also available.

Keep Properties Secure

Secure your premises with the sturdy security doors we have to offer. Well-suited to commercial properties, these doors may be used for back access, storage rooms, and sheds. Hard to break, these doors help to ensure the safety of any valuables in the area.

First-Class Shutters

Keep your property safe with the shutters our expert metal craftsmen provide. With optional features including insulation that helps to regulate the temperature of your property, our shutters are perfect for shop fronts and other commercial spaces. Industrial motors ensure operating the shutters is a hassle-free process.

Crafting Structural Steel

we competently produce steel structural. Providing supply and installation services, we typically create the main structural designs of buildings. For example, we diligently produce steel designed to accommodate home extensions. Skilfully managing your plans and working closely to your designs, we'll generate a fabrication drawing to ensure you are happy with our work before production commences. Plus, we provide a comprehensive site survey, taking measurements to make sure the finished product is of unparalleled quality.

To enquire further about our steel fabrication services, contact us, in London.